perceptiveness: Fight in Paranormal Dimensions


Inspired by the mystical cultures of Asia, sciences of paranormal and spiced with interesting electronic music.  Perceptiveness is a dark and funky downloadable PC game. Main character is addicted to his colorful mobile game and one day, after discovering meditation, he enters a world inside of his mind and is hunted by creatures from his game. Shift between two ghost like and a human form to fight, collect souls and spawn your units. Find hidden passages and solve puzzles. 

Below a longer video with part of the intro:

Play it once and feel it! Imagine dozens of crazy looking creatures to fight and spawn in future levels, mad looking bosses, hidden passages showing up when switching from human to ghost, increasing difficulty of puzzles and using your creatures not only for fighting but to find hidden ways and solve puzzles.

Imagine your animated face on one of the bosses! A crowdfunding campaign is coming soon to make this and other perks possible. Watch this space for news.

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Nov 18, 2017

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First screens from the second level with shifting environment according to ghostly or human form.

Our crowdfunding campaign is live!

There will be a new ability in the second level. You will be able to change the tactic (stay close or go far) of all your units of one of the forms (ghost or human) at once.

More details about the second level. It will be a ravine full of vicious kittens. At the beginning there will be a puzzle in a form of hidden environment showing up when switching from human to ghost, then you will fight the kittens and it will end with 3 bosses and a puzzle of stones to open the exit. Screenshots coming soon.

A small update to demo file has been made.  Just one rock, which was hanging in the air is standing now. We know what the level two will look like. It will be a ravine. Coming soon.